Sava's family of Dual Sport tyres has something for everyone. Like the bitumen with a bit of dirt? We've got you covered. Want a big bad tyre for taking your 950 KTM up the Tanami Track? Try an MC23 for size! As usual, great technology at a great price.
Dual Sport Tyres
OK, dirt’s great, but I spend most of my time on the bitumen. I need a long lasting, great handling tyre that will be happy carving the tar or traveling 100km of dirt road. The brand new design MC30 INVADER is for you.   

100/90 -19 57 H TL FRONT
90/90 -21 54 S TL FRONT
90/90 -21 54 H TL FRONT
120/90 -17 64 S TL REAR
120/90 -17 64 H TL REAR
130/80 -17 65 S TL REAR
130/80 -17 65 H TL REAR

The all new MC60 GETaWAY has been specifically designed for the big dual sport bikes such as the BMW GS1200 and Suzuki VStroms. A modern design with great on and off-road performance.

110/80-19    59    T    TL        
150/70-17    69    T    TL    
A little more dirt please. Change that 100km of dirt to 1000km and I’ll be happy. The MC24 INVADER is a tyre that is a fantastic compromise between bitumen and dirt.

Nice strong sidewalls provide extra puncture resistance and also ensures that a pillion and luggage don't turn your ride into a sponge cake!

100/90 -19 57 S TT FRONT
90/90 -21 54 S TT FRONT
120/90 -17 64 S TT REAR
130/80 -17 65 S TT REAR
120/80 -18 62 S TT REAR

Yeh, yeh, yeh… the bitumen is really only there to join the dirt together! With ideal spacing between the tread, this is the REAL "go anywhere" deal!

If you want a tough, rugged tyre that's the next best thing to a full knobby but that doesn't shake your fillings out on the bitumen.... a tyre that'll take you anywhere, anytime, then the MC23 ROCKRIDER has your name on it!

80/90 -21 48 P TT FRONT
90/90 -21 54 R TT FRONT
110/80 -18 58 P TT REAR
120/90 -18 65 R TT REAR
140/80 -18 70 R TT REAR

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